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Government Affair Services


Government affairs is a relationship. To have a relationship with the government official(s); local, state or federal; first, you need to be introduced.

Growdon Consulting will identify the individual(s) you need to meet to build a relationship that will advance your organizations goals.  

Growdon Consulting will prepare you for the introduction so you can build a strong relationship with the Government. 


  • Identify the right people to meet

  • Schedule and confirm a meeting with the identified person/people

  • Prepare you for the meeting


Knowledge is imperative to advance your organization goals. You need to understand your position, opposing arguments and the concerns of the government official you speak to. 

Growdon Consulting will research the issues, catalog alternative positions, identify potential allies, and research the official you will be meeting with.


  • Profile of the individuals you are meeting

  • Outline of the

    • alternative positions

    • potential allies

    • likely adversaries

  • Outline of your position


Your ask must be clear and specific.

The ask may be policy, funding, or participation in an event. Growdon Consulting will work with you to develop the ask, so it is a win-win situation for you and the government official(s). 

Growdon Consulting will help your organization develop a strong process to maintain a healthy and robust relationship with the government official(s).


  • Development of the Ask

  • Creation of materials to give to the Official

  • Thank You

    • letters

    • events

    • awards

  • Follow-up calls on status of the ask

  • Create a process to maintain a long term relationship